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5 Responses to “About”

  1. lornakismet Says:

    Keep the pressure on those Dems, because Pelosi and Reid, not to mention Rahm Emanuel, could very well try to ram the bill down our throats, promising to fix it up later on. ~Pesky Emotional Republican

    • sonofgreycloud Says:

      Just imagine a nation where workers get to keep all the money they earn and are allowed to spend it as they wish. Imagine a nation where workers never have to worry about filing income tax returns on April 15.

      A flat tax or consumption tax is the best way to tame the IRS. The intrusiveness of the tax collectors is directly proportional to the size of the tax code. With deductions and loopholes virtually eliminated, the scope of audits will be narrowed considerably because there is so much less information that needs to be reported and monitored. It speaks volumes about the virtues of a flat tax system that those who lobby most passionately against it are H&R Block and tax lawyers.

      A few years ago Parade Magazine polled its readers about whether the current income tax system should be entirely scrapped and replaced with a simple flat rate tax. By 50 to 1 margin readers said abolish the tax code. The most intriguing finding of all was that the editors reported that even hundreds of IRS agents responded with a plea to ax the current tax code.

      We can do this. Become a tax revolt Vigilante! It’s not going to be easy but, it’s not impossible. We have the tools, right now there are millions of computers sitting idle. We will need a tsunami email campaign to our friends, address books, talk shows, editors and Politicians. The timing could not be better, Americans are “mad as hell & 80% no longer trust the Government.” To get the job done we need to pressure Politicians to 1.abolish the IRS with a Fair Tax or Nationwide Sales Tax. 2. Remove the 70,000 pages of IRS Code Tax loopholes and to 3.eliminate Payroll Taxs. Did you know that almost 50% of the tax payers pay ZERO Taxes?

      Email or write your Senators and Congressmen. Attack their biggest fear. Re-election! All politicians pay close attention to polls and what their constituents are saying and doing. Why not say “vote to abolish the IRS and get Re-elected or vote no to abolish the IRS and get Un-elected?”

      Emails work, response from Rep. Duncan Hunter “expansion of government must end. In its place, we must restore the principle of limited government articulated by our Founding Fathers – the same principle that has been so blatantly overlooked in recent years amid debates on bailouts, stimulus spending, health care reform and other new entitlements. Each has added to our national debt, imposed new regulation and increased individual reliance on the federal government. In some cases, direct constitutional questions have been raised.”

      http://www.cato.org/testimony/ct-it68.html (Steve Moore’s, National Sales Tax, testimony before The House Ways and Means Committee)

      http://www.nationalpriorities.org/take_action (how to write a good letter or email)

      http://www.conservativeusa.org/megalink.htm (hundreds of email addresses for talk shows & editors)

      http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=5685 (fair tax info.)

      http://www.onlinetaxrevolt.org (over 275,000 members)

      stay well,


    • sonofgreycloud Says:

      I am with you all the way bro. http://newtgingrich360.com is the Only one to detail facts & logic on 16 issues to restore America. Pls share

      http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2012/01/12/sarah_palin_slams_michelle_obama Michelle Obama thinks we are stupid because we can’t see all the good deeds BO has done.

      Newt may not make it to the promise land but, he gave it one hellva try.

  2. sonofgreycloud Says:

    Be an American first and a Republican or Democrat second. Use your civil rights to un-elect the deadwood politicians who pay little attention to your wants and needs. The most powerful solution is to register as a nonpartisan (neutral) voter. Nonpartisan voters can request a ballot from any party they choose. Why be limited to only two choices? We need new faces and voices with fresh innovative ideas to stop the spending and correct the stranglehold the two party system has enjoyed for decades.

  3. sonofgreycloud Says:

    Did you know? There are approx. 11,000 lobbists and 300 of them are ex-Congressmen. The shocking thing is our elected politicains have already received around $473 million for 2010. One other scam is, three large US banks contrubuting $240 million per month- yes per month to control the Nov. 2010 elections. We only have one choice. Un-elect all of the incumbents. (hightower “The Lowdown”)

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