Is voting a Right or a Privilege

the argument that voting is not a privilege.

Voting in political elections is not a right, nor is it a privilege. Then what is it? I contend that it is a grave responsibility. Those that do not agree, should not be allowed to vote. Those that do agree, should be allowed to vote. They should strive hard to make ‘informed’ decisions which are best for them in the long-term.




Many factors should be considered and researched before you vote. The 2012 elections could be the most important decisions Americans have ever faced.  Don’t be a robot programned to vote   for a Party, exercise your choices. Vote for a President-Commander In -Chief who, in your opinion, will best serve “We ThePeople”. In the past many Americans have voted solely on “how much of the pie they  can expect to get with candidate X”. Please remember FREEDOM IS NOT FREE and keep in mind that we all have a huge  RESPONSIBILITY  to honor the millions of American troops who gave their lives to KEEP AMERICA FREE!   Begin your research on all of the candidates today, be very selective,  compare their qualifications.  Take some notes on each, it’s easy thanks to the net.  A good place to start is I think Newt Gingrich is Top Gun.


God help us


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