The tea party rocks!

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Dear Patriot,

You’ve reached a landmark achievement! Since we launched our new state-of-the-art petition system, you’ve sent over one million letters to your elected representatives in Washington, DC! The Tea Party was founded on grassroots activism, and it’s a testament to the growing strength of the movement that patriots like you are actively engaged in public policy. As we continue to ramp up our petition drives, your continued involvement will directly influence the legislative process.

One issue that really needs our attention is spending. Politicians from both parties have proven time and again that they cannot be trusted with taxpayer dollars. We need to continue to hold their feet to the fire and demand that they stop the spending spree in Washington!

By using our state-of-the-art petition system you can directly contact your elected representatives and tell them it’s time for Congress to live within its means! By keeping the pressure on the politicians who are more interested in their own careers than with the best interests of “We the People,” we let them know that they aren’t going to get a free ride.

Sign the petition today and tell Congress to stop the spending spree! *A contribution is not required to sign the petition, but your donations allow us to continue to offer this service free-of-charge to all Americans.

Tell Congress it’s time to cut spending and live within its means


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