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17 reasons why we must repeal Obama’s Health Care

October 18, 2010

The bill proposes to spend $1.055 trillion to add 36 million to the insured rolls. (source

The yes votes totaled 220 with only one GOP voting yes to 215 no. (source NY daily news)

It’s unbelievable, 220 politicians voted yes on a 3,000 page bill, UNREAD, that could bankrupt America. Come Tuesday Nov. 2,2010 your choice should be clear. Un-elect all the dead wood career incumbents and elect new faces with new innovative ideas. Good example of dead wood is CA Senator Boxer, she has the worst voting record according to

1. You will be required by law to have Health Insurance and attach proof to your tax return.

2. If you fail to insure, you will be fined up to $695 ($2,085 per family) in 2016 or 2.5% of your gross income, which ever is greater.

3. If your employer doesn’t offer insurance, your employer can be fined as much as $2,000 per employee per year.

4. A government agency, rather you and your employer, will decide what kind of health coverage you must have.

5. If your must buy insurance your own insurance, you will have to obtain it through a government – regulated exchange where competing insurers will offer the required insurance benefits.

6. Fourteen million employees will lose their employer plans, according to Medicare actuaries.

7. Within three years, more than 100 million people will be forced into a health plan more costly and more regulated than the plan they have today.

8. Coverage in 2016 will average about $5,800 per person and $15,200 per family of four according to Congressional Budget Office.

9. More than half the costs of the reform will be for by reducing spending on the elderly and disabled on Medicare.

10. There will be new taxes on drugs and medical devices as wheelchairs, crutches, pacemakers, artifiacal joints, etc.

11. Scores of other items will be taxed, ranging from tanning salons to the sale of your home, in some cases.

12. Health insurers will have to raise premiums for everyone in order to charge those with pre-existing conditions less than the expected cost of their care.

13. Most employers will have to reduce wages and other benefits in order to afford the required coverage.

14. The extra burden on employers could cost as many as 700,000 jobs bt 2019.

15. New patients in Boston wait an average of 63 days to see a family doctor.

16. One of every two Medicare Advantage members (7.4 million) will lose their plan entirely.

17. One in seven hospitals may go out of business and doctors may not take new patients because of cuts in their fees.


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October 1, 2010

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